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Since February 15, 1999

Welcome to my basketball book library.  I created this page as a resource for anybody interested in reading basketball books.  

If there is a book on my list that I haven't read, but that you'd like to know about, email me and let me know, and I'll try to get to it quickly.

The next book that I will review:

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The 10 most recent book review additions:

The Show
- Roland Lazenby

Born to Coach - Rick Pitino and Bill Reynolds

Chocolate Thunder - By Darryl Dawkins and Charley Rosen

Who's Better, Who's Best in Basketball? - Elliott Kalb

Bird Watching - Larry Bird and Jackie MacMullan

John Starks: My Life - John Starks and Dan Markowitz

The Big O - Oscar Robertson

Only the Strong Survive - Larry Platt

From Set Shot to Slam Dunk - Charles Salzberg

24 Seconds to Shoot - Leonard Koppett

I organize my books in a variety of ways.  When you are looking at one of these lists, and you click on a hyperlinked book review, it will open a new window, and it has a "close" button on the bottom of it (This was a necessary evil, due to the frame-nature of the list-by-teams).  

You can view the list of books in a variety of ways:

My Rating system

I rate the books from one to five stars.  This is my opinion of how good the book was overall.  Think of it like a grading scale, with 5-stars corresponding to an "A" and 1-star corresponding to an "F".   All books 3-stars and higher are certainly worth reading.

In addition to this overall ranking, I give rankings and information for different criteria.  These do not affect the overall ranking.  It's just a F.Y.I.   The categories are:

sixers2.gif (5341 bytes)

A shameless plug for my team -- go Sixers!!!

How to purchase these books.

Many of the books can be purchased from an on-line book seller, as well as many of the major book retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Hastings, and Borders.  Some of these are out of print and you may have to try your luck at the 2nd hand stores or ebay.  Also, I think has a waiting list for out-of-print books.  A better place would be or


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