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Jason Whitlock

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Jason "Dim-Whitlock" flaunts his ignorance regularly in the Kansas City Star.  For those who read his idiotic ramblings regularly (I haven't for about 3 years), they have grown accustomed to his lack of intellect, which causes much lament amongst trees that do not want to die in order to spread Whitlock's gibberish.

For those of you who are not familiar with Whitlock, he's in love with himself, and fancies himself the most intelligent football mind in history.  For instance, in 1996, he wrote piece after piece declaring that the Kansas City Chiefs should acquire Whitlock's high school buddy Jeff George.  Yes, that Jeff George--same losing quarterback who has never fulfilled expectations since being the top pick in the 1990 NFL draft.   The Chiefs didn't listen to Whitlock, and went on the next seasons to post the best record in the AFC.  Of course, Whitlock probably thinks that if the Chiefs had listened to him, they would have defeated the Broncos in playoffs.  After all, those Broncos were so easy to beat that they only won two Super Bowls!  But hey, nothing like personal bias to influence your stories, eh Jason?  (As we shall soon see)...So, next time you are on your Cancun all inclusive vacations or your Dominican Republic all inclusive vacations and you are on the beach playing beach football, think of Jason Whitlock and let that anger for this man come out while you are playing.

Whitlock's legendary stupidity became known nationally when he displayed his professionalism at a New England Patriots-Chiefs game in October of 1998.  Read on...

Kansas City Star columnist Whitlock suspended for heckling fans at game

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Copyright 1998 Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Oct 21, 1998 - 19:44 EDT) -- Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for The Kansas City Star, has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations he heckled fans during the Kansas City-New England NFL game on Oct. 11.

"We don't condone this type of behavior," Rick Vacek, the Star's assistant managing editor for sports, said in a statement Wednesday. "We deeply regret that this incident occurred, and Jason has been suspended pending further review."

Whitlock's column on the game, in which he made no mention of the incident, appeared the next day. His column has not appeared in The Star since then.

KMBC-TV in Kansas City said in a news story on Tuesday night that Whitlock would no longer be doing weekly commentaries until the matter was resolved.

Whitlock, whose aggressive style has attracted a wide readership since he joined the newspaper in 1994, couldn't be reached for comment by The Associated Press.

Eyewitnesses said Patriots fans seated just outside the enclosed pressbox began taunting the visiting media during the game and Whitlock responded by holding up handwritten signs, at least one of which insulted quarterback Drew Bledsoe and the team (Note: according to other sources, he wrote "Drew Bledsoe is gay"), according to Sports Illustrated.

After fans became agitated, stadium security guards entered the pressbox and stopped Whitlock.

Star executives declined to comment beyond Vacek's written statement.

Steve Schoenfeld of the Arizona Republic and president of the Pro Football Writers of America said his organization was satisfied with The Star's action. "We applaud what they have done," he said.

Way to go, Jason!!!  I especially like how he didn't mention his behavior in his article, and how he wasn't man enough to answer (sorry--be reached for comment) for his actions.

Well, what's past is past, and the legend of Jason Dim-Whitlock continues in this story.  My comments are in purple-italicized font.

K-State won the Holiday Bowl, but who did it impress?

By Jason Whitlock Columnist
Date: 12/30/99 00:28

SAN DIEGO -- Who knows how long Bill Snyder can prove the whole world wrong?

It's foolish to argue with Snyder about what's best for the Kansas State football program...

...Late in the third quarter, the Huskies jumped to a 20-17 lead. To their credit, the Wildcats mounted an impressive comeback drive. With about 6 minutes left in the game, Jonathan Beasley bulled across the goal line from 1 yard out for a 24-20 lead. The defense made it stand up for the victory.

But the fact is, the unranked Huskies stayed with Snyder's seventh-ranked Wildcats for 60 minutes. And by scoring in the third quarter, Washington did something no other team had this season against K-State. The Wildcats' defense had been perfect in that quarter before Wednesday.

But I don't think the Wildcats had faced a quarterback as cool and diverse as Washington's Marques Tuiasosopo. And in watching the Wildcats struggle, I wanted to tell Snyder, "I told you so."

If I were Bill Snyder, I would reply with, "Learn who Eric Crouch is, dumb@ss!"  [Big XXII coaches' co-offensive player of the year and the Fiesta Bowl MVP].

Actually, so do a lot of people. And the whole world can't be wrong forever.

The world? No.  Jason Whitlock?  Yes.

The Wildcats had no business playing in the Holiday Bowl, no business playing an unrespected opponent, no business playing in an unpopular (for K-State fans) location.

Just like they had no business playing in the Alamo Bowl last year when they were ranked #3 in the BCS standings, eh Jason?  Well, Jason had ONE thing right, though it was accidental -- "The Wildcats had no business..." because if they created more for ABC, they wouldn't have been shut out of the BCS bowls both years.

For all their talk of unprecedented focus, the Wildcats looked lost for much of the game. Washington coach Rick Neuheisel had his Huskies primed for an upset. Calling on his four years of experience as a Big 12 head coach, Slick Neuheisel had an answer for Snyder's reliable tricks.

Except for these:

  1. The K-State pass rush (5 sacks).
  2. The K-State run defense (held Washington to 75 yards rushing)
  3. Frank Murphy on 4th down (turned a sure loss into a 12 yard gain)
  4. Jonathan Beasley on the option (2 touchdowns)

The Wildcats blitzed; Neuheisel had Tuiasosopo hit fullback Pat Conniff in the flat. The Wildcats sat back in a zone; Neuheisel had Tuiasosopo find clever flanker Dane Looker in a seam.

The Huskies moved the ball against K-State's highly ranked defense with relative ease. It made you question whether K-State's defense was overhyped and overrated and just a product of weak competition. And it also made you wonder if K-State defenders had taken the Huskies seriously.

Relative ease?  5 sacks? An interception at the goal line? 75 yards of rushing? Two failed fourth down conversions?  Jason, did you actually watch the game, or were you busy heckling the UW fans?

Yes, K-State won. But Snyder can't prove the world wrong forever.

The Wildcats got lucky Wednesday. They weren't the best team on the field.

Let's see...

Washington Kansas State
First Downs 16 21
Rushing Yards 75 138
Passing Yards 197 216
Total yards 272 354
Sacks surrendered 5 2
Turnovers 2 1
Time of possession 26:48 33:12

Errr...right, Jason...whatever.

Snyder wasn't the best coach on the field.

Jason no doubt thinks that he was the best coach, because Rick Neuheisel sure wasn't.

The Huskies had a first-half blocked punt nullified after the defender who scooped up the ball fumbled it back to K-State.

Sounds like bad coaching, eh Jason?

And Tuiasosopo made one bad decision all night. The Huskies had a chance to put the game away. After taking its 20-17 lead, Washington forced K-State to go three plays and punt. A reverse on the punt return gave Washington excellent field position. On first down in Wildcats' territory, Tuiasosopo threw into double coverage deep. K-State's Lamar Chapman made a beautiful interception.

Only one bad decision?  What about those two fourth down calls in the fourth quarter?  Were those good decisions?  What about throwing deep into double-coverage on fourth down?  Was that a good decision, Jason?

I can't knock K-State completely. Great teams make great plays to save games. The Wildcats deserve credit for doing that.

How can they be a great team, Jason?  You just suggested that their defense was overrated, they weren't the better team, and they were outcoached?   Are you speaking out both sides of your mouth, Jason?

But eventually, an unpopular decision like playing in the Holiday Bowl (or scheduling Massachusetts and Ball State) is going to backfire in Snyder's face.

Ahhhh...the TRUE reason for Jason's bitterness.  You see, Whitlock is a Ball State grad.  Must hurt to see the ol' Alma Matter get plummeted like that, eh?  Too bad Ball State had to bring in stiffs like Whitlock or maybe they would have a solid football foundation.  Why let something like facts get in the way of good personal grudge, eh Jason?  Go Jeff George!  Ha ha!

He can't be right forever.

Why not?  Whitlock can be wrong forever?

For much of Wednesday night he looked wrong. K-State had little to gain by beating the Huskies. The Wildcats were heavy favorites and looked like neighborhood bullies for taking on Washington.

I wouldn't blame pollsters for dropping the Wildcats behind Marshall, which entered the bowl season ranked No. 11. The Thundering Herd, out of the lightly regarded Mid-American Conference, finished 13-0 after waxing Brigham Young in the Motor City Bowl.

I'd drop the Wildcats behind Marshall in the polls because BYU beat Washington 35-28 at the beginning of the season. Therefore, in my mind, Marshall had a better bowl performance than the Wildcats.

Whitlogic: K-State was better than Nebraska in 1999.   K-State beat Texas, who beat Nebraska.
More Whitlogic: In 1998, Florida State lost to North Carolina State, who lost to Baylor, who lost to Oklahoma State, so Oklahoma State should have played Tennessee for the National Title.

I'm sure Snyder would argue with me. But that's a debate he'd lose.

I doubt that very seriously...especially after his "disagreement" with Patriots fans. 

Well, it's pretty obvious to see why Whitlock has earned a plush suite in the Hotel of Fools.  Perhaps he can write messages about Drew Bledsoe and put them in his window!