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  Hello, I am Air Judden, a 37 year old engineer from the Eternal City of Wichita.  I graduated from the most powerful university on the planet, Kansas State University.  Welcome to my web site.  Enjoy your stay.

And for the record, I am the fool that Mr. T has pitied for all of those years.

Hello Ladies!

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Since February 15, 1999

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A note about navigation:

This site has nearly 650 html documents on it.  I have tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate , by breaking them into sections.  There are 15 sections, defined by the table above.  When you click one of the links in the table, you will see the "home" page of that section.  Each sections home page also has the same table. 

Up a level All pages within a section will have this symbol at the bottom of the page.  Clicking on this icon will take you to the home page of that section.

Previous  Next  These symbols are on picture pages, allowing you to scroll forward and backward through them.  (You will also find the up arrow, incase you want to exit the pictures)

Air Judden's Homepage  This is found on the bottom of every page.  It will bring you back you back to this page.

You should be able to get from any place on my site to nearly everyplace on my site within 3 clicks.  All external links open in a separate window, indicating that you have left my site.

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